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Getting involved in one’s community can be a very fulfilling experience. When you choose to volunteer as a family to make the world a better place, it enriches the outcome all the more. One of the benefits of including family members is spending time together in a positive bonding exercise. Not only do you get to spend quality time, but you also have the opportunity to teach your children skills and lessons that will help them become better people as they grow up.

There is a sense of pride and a feeling of productivity that comes from helping others. Your children will feel it, too, as they mimic your actions. The younger they are, the bigger an impression this goodwill will have on them, encouraging them to continue being altruistic throughout their lives.

If you already have a friendly camaraderie with a local group such as a youth organization or a church, you can start by asking how you and your family can help. Starting with social connections is a great way to transition into something your children may be unsure about, primarily if they are not used to doing volunteer work. 

You can assign tasks to even the youngest member of your family, including light cleaning or garbage collection. As long as there is proper supervision, there is nothing wrong with teaching responsibility and the pride of completing a task. For the older members of your family, there are larger tasks you can assign, such as painting or light maintenance. Soup kitchens are always in need of volunteers, especially around the holiday season. There are age-appropriate tasks that you can assign from easy to challenging, depending on age. 

One thing any child can do is put a smile on someone’s face. Many older adults live in assisted-living facilities, and not all of them get enough visitors. Because of COVID, it’s not possible to do in-person visits, but eventually, that will once again be a joyous experience for older adults. In the meantime, encourage your children to make cards and other artwork to brighten up their day. Assemble a handmade gift basket to make the recipient feel special.