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Navy Lanier

Community Leadership

About Navy Lanier

Navy Lanier, the Founder of Mobile Fuel, is, more than anything, an activist, believer, and capitalist. He was born in Savannah and raised in Atlanta, Georgia—where he still lives today—under parents who taught him the incredible value of a solid work ethic. Their words and lessons have steered him in the right direction countless times throughout the course of his career, and his drive and hard work have made him into the success he is today. To date, Navy is a dedicated father, businessman, visionary, philanthropist, political leader, and author—who knows what tomorrow might bring.

After graduating high school, Navy Lanier joined the military to help earn money towards college tuition. Pursuing a degree in Finance, during his Junior year of college, he accepted a summer internship at a financial advisory firm and was soon offered a full-time position. Knowing an excellent opportunity when he sees one, Navy discontinued his education and began working for the firm. His time there imparted him with invaluable experience. He was able to create and cultivate a network of influential connections with individuals in Fortune 500 companies. 

His experience at the financial advisory firm led Navy to further pursue growth and venture out onto his own within the world of business. His first entrepreneurial endeavor was the creation of Lanier Communications, a telecommunications agency that specialized in long-distance telephone service. Within three years of founding the company, Navy Lanier had grown it into a multi-million dollar business, which he later sold for an impressive profit. 

He initially thought that his first venture might have been a lucky start. However, after building and selling multiple companies for sizable profits, Navy soon realized he had created a winning formula for success. Later, in 2011, he created a new company: Mobile Fuel. The idea for the company came to him after experiencing a terrible gas-station robbery while his daughters were in the car with him. After talking with multiple friends and family members, he realized such stories were shockingly common and figured there had to be a solution. 

Soon after, Navy developed Mobile Fuel. He bought an old truck, equipped it with the necessary materials, and began driving around his neighborhood, offering to sell gas to people right in their very own driveways. Now, almost a decade later, Navy Lanier has expanded Mobile Fuel to over 17 cities. With a fleet of service vehicles, his company has grown to nearly 2,000 employees, and he is the go-to fuel service for local celebrities and businesses. 

In addition to Mobile Fuel, Navy is also the Founder of Navy Tea, a sweet tea company, and a self-named fashion line that produces clothing, shoes, and accessories for the Southern Gentleman. With decades of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, he recognizes and encourages others to speak freely about the failures they’ve experienced in life so as to better understand how to move on and grow. Navy has become a mentor to many within his community. Whether people are seeking business, political, or personal advice, he works with an open-door policy and has had many long conversations with his neighbors in the comfort of his office. 

Outside of work, Navy Lanier is a dedicated community leader and philanthropist with ties to politics. He is a board member for Urban Conservatives, as well as the Urban Symphony Orchestra. After growing up in Capitol View Manor, he remains active in the community and is a member of the neighborhood association. Navy is also a member of Boggs Academy, one of the first and longest-running African American boarding schools for his community’s middle and upper-class students.

For more information on Navy Lanier and his insight into entrepreneurship and business, be sure to check out his blog!